ralph lauren for the full fiscal year 2013

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Born in Bronx, New York to Jewish immigrants Fraydl and Frank Lifshitz, Ralph Lauren was highly passionate towards quality clothing and started his quest early for designer fashion by selling ties to his fellow classmates. In 1967, he introduced the Polo line of ties in collaboration with Hilton. Since then there has been no looking back and today, the Ralph Lauren name is celebrated for its endeavor towards excellence in turning out the best products for fashion conscious men and women whether it be clothing, home dcor or accessories like designer sunglasses.. The company is now heavily associated with the lifestyle that its founder initially imitated and now <a href="http://www.muyfutbol.com/botasugg/">ugg baratas</a> re defines. As Ralph Lauren offers higher end brands, these brands are highly capable of passing on price increases to consumers, provided those consumers are still going shopping. The company has about 7% of its float sold short.. As we've indicated before, the playbook is similar to what we've accomplished in Europe, where our local team has meticulously positioned our brand over the last decade by educating the customer about quality and the value of our products. We've supported this with considerable investment in upgrading our distribution across the continent. Europe continues to yield excellent sales and profit growth for us.